About Training

A pet can be like an annoying roommate, a close friend, or a beloved family member. Our interactions with our pets are the building blocks they use to develop the thoughts and emotions that structure their behavior. Different types and breeds of animals communicate, react, and learn in different ways so it takes an understanding of each type and breed to determine how to lead them to perceive their world as they grow and change. It also takes a certain level of commitment and dedication to achieve the level of performance we expect from our pets.

Training is not just for pets since we are developing a new language between ourselves and our pet that will form the base of the relationship. There are many types of training methods to choose from depending on what kind of relationship is desired. Some people might want their pet to be a friend, others a playmate for other pets or young children, an adventure buddy, an exercise buddy, an achiever of tasks, a personal guard, or a comfort during hard times. Sometimes pets come with previous baggage that needs to be understood in order to correct negative behaviors before the desired relationship can be established. Whatever relationship you and your pet might share, the communication and understanding training provides is key to its success and longevity.

 Although I offer a complete training program for puppies and kittens, I do NOT offer the traditional, generalized, and astronomically priced packages for general training. Many trainers use packaged “deals” that range from $300 to $900 that can be found by clicking here and scrolling to the middle of the webpage. Instead, to keep training affordable, I work with you to compile a training plan in line with your budget and desired level of complexity based on one hour and half hour increments. Keep in mind that this service is also far more educational than traditional training. It is based on behavioral analysis, allowing for a fundamental understanding of the “whys” and “hows” behind your pets behaviors that you can use to train all future pets of that type and greatly reduce, or even eliminate, the cost of future training services.

A list of training options for dogs, cats, and birds can be found by clicking the respective links at the top of the page under the logo. This website does not offer a full and complete list of training options, but a compilation of the most common needs and concerns of dog, cat, and bird owners to help organize a rough draft for a training plan. Although I conduct a behavioral evaluation during the free in home consultation, all pets are different so please feel free to compile a list of issues you wish to discuss about your pet.